TGY Investment Group

TGY Investment Group is an entrepreneurial real estate development and investment firm with a mission of promoting sustainable redevelopment of residential and commercial properties in urban areas. Our strategy is to target value-add investments and opportunistic developments that generate risk-adjusted returns for our investors while providing a multitude of benefits for the community at large.

Work with us

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Property Owners

Do you own property? Are you looking to sell it? We acquire properties at competitive prices, swiftly and ethically. Typically, we work with owners of properties in areas that are conducive to smart growth or are on the verge of transition.

Private Investors

We partner with private lenders and equity partners who want to invest in one of the most consistently reliable asset classes, real estate. We are committed to providing risk-adjusted returns for our investors, among other benefits.

Developer Partners

We seek to create mutually beneficial partnerships with market players that have complimentary strengths to our own. We source deals and structure partnerships for win-win outcomes with everyone involved.

Know that you're in good company

TGY investors come from various walks of life. They include techies from Silicon Valley & London, stay at home moms, individuals working at family funds, design studios, as well as a former realtor + Google engineer who are now traveling around the world. Many of our investors are real estate investors themselves. Our investors work at world-class companies such as:

The Team

We are young professionals based in San Francisco, CA and Pittsburgh, PA. Six years ago, we started our real estate journey from Rich Dad Poor Dad and BiggerPockets.

Tony Angotti

Pittsburgh, PA

Gregory Lou

San Francisco, CA

Dr. Yang Zhang

Pittsburgh, PA

Jessica Dobson

Pittsburgh, PA

Frank Angotti
Maintenance Manager

Pittsburgh, PA

Our Portfolio

Our 100+ unit portfolio currently includes single family residential, multifamily residential as well as mixed-use commercial properties located across 3 different states (California, Georgia and Pennsylvania)

Contact Us

We like to create things with fun, open-minded people. Feel free to say hello! P.O. Box 7955, Pittsburgh, PA 15216